Best Instagram Course 2018 ONLINE

Best Instagram Course 2018 ONLINE

In this article we will show you best ways to start generating money online from advertising other business that are using social media as their business tools to grow up and sell online.

If you are stuck and think that there is not any way to make quick money online well there is. Using social media accounts to advertise other business can generate you big source of income if you have big audience. If you are using Instagram, or Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or any other big social media network and you have solid number of followers you can start making money by advertising other people and their business.

So how to start this?

Number one question is where should you start and if you are using all these networks for yourself I would recommend to use one where you know you can grow up your followers fastest. It could be facebook, or twitter or instagram just make sure to use one that can generate you quick followers  from your current followers. But what if you have 0 followers and you want to start and you never used any social media accounts before but you really want to start this as side business?

I would recommend to go with Instagram in that case. Platform is easy, you can get huge audience in short period of time, there is much potential, highly active community, where people just like, comment, message and share stories and that is it. Nothing else, just clean community and clean news feed. ( If you are bored with sponsored ads on news feed just edit your ages to 13 age old kid and all your sponsored ads will vanish because nobody targets 13  year old kids in ads.) 

First step that you want to do is to add some photos of you, your account should have photos of yourself, nice profile description that will attract new followers. You need to post each day stories, 5-10 every day to create engaging audience if your current audience is dead and I mean like you have 10000 followers but you have 100-200 likes per posts most of your followers are fake and using that kind of accounts will probably be declined when you start advertising business online as they look only for legit ones. If you add every day posts that are creating engagement, and you follow active people ( I`m not talking about following public figures that has millions of followers so that you get at same moment 20-30 new FAKE followers that are pages of `COACH` `MOTIVATOR` `SPAMMER` etc you get the point if you ever did this. Complete waste of time as they will delete you next day. You need to go for active ones , real legit profiles to follow that are related to niche you want to advertise. Next step is that you want to connect with influencers and you need to do this with following methods if your account has 5000 followers you want to hit up other accounts with 5000 followers for cross promotion, they add story where they said to their followers to follow  you and you do same for them. Both sides win and generally both sides agree on this. As you start growing up this way only thing that is changing is that you are contacting pages and accounts with 10k-15k-20k-50k-100k followers and you are getting much bigger reach and your audience is growing up way faster. First steps are hard but once you achieve that 10k of audience you can really speed up process of getting new followers as there will be much more people that are interested in cross promotion with you, you can even contact pages and accounts with lower number of followers than you as they will look you then from bellow and will admire you.

When can you start selling advertise on your instagram account?

It really depends from your sponsors they might be ok with 10k or 20k or even 50k+ but once you achieve 50k followers you can make from 25-50$ per story post if your audience is legit one. Yes people pay that much money for 24h story post on your wall if you have that much real followers. So grab your phones in your hands and start growing up your audience. This takes no money to invest and once you get sponsors it is for long term partnership. If you get 50$ per story post and you have 2-3 sponsors per day that is 150$ per day just from posting 3 stories and is 4500$ per month just from advertising 2-3 sponsors. How do you find sponsors on instagram? Well you can use hashtags such as #store, #selling , #restaurants ( that are close to your audience location ) , #hotels, #bigbrands and when you get results just contact all of them and make them offer that you are interested in advertising them online from your own social account. Show them how big reach your stories get and how many people see your stories. 

Money is everywhere around us and this is by far best way to make money online using instagram. If you are interested in learning how to proper online marketing on facebook I recommend you to check my BEST FACEBOOK ADS COURSE.



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