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When it comes to facebook ads course  there are many but what makes people quit are their first bad experiences in ads overall, lose of money. And they are always coming because you did not check several key things that makes your add success.If you are using facebook ads I truly believe that you saw how some `rich` people use them daily to make several thousands of $ per day,or 6-7 figure income per month. Yes it is possible to make it but what they do is not similar to what newbies do.

Most of them will teach you wrong way and that is the reason why you will quit and you were so close to make it.I used facebook ads lots of times when I started my business in first place and I had fail after fail after fail and I kept asking myself what am I doing wrong and I was always looking for better targeting with cheaper ad costs per engagement and how to find better

audience in the end.

facebook ads course

Common mistakes that new marketers make when it comes to facebook ad is:

  1. Your product is too broad or wrong choice,
  2. You selected wrong audience,
  3. Your product price is too high
  4. Your image of product and description is wrong
  5. Your targeting details / age / gender is wrong.
  6. You are targeting ad places where your ad is cropped and most important thing is missing.

I will teach you in this lesson how to fix all of this issues and how to know who you need to target too, and I will show you 2 ways of selling on facebook quick using facebook ads or doing manual sale which also works but takes time and is completly free.

First step that you need to do when it comes to advertising on facebook is:

  1. Know your budget limit

You simply cant start facebook ads if you are hoping that your investment will be back 100%, go in with the money you are ready to lose but dont take it as losing, if you spend 100$ on facebook ads and get nothing in return well you are getting something in return and its data that can help you in your future ads to get better leads and conversions.

  1. Know your audience

Most  people think that they know their audience but they are thinking too broad and that is why they cant sell, when it comes to targeting for example if you are selling t-shirts you cant target t-shirts because its too broad. And what I hate the most is that I always see some rich entrepreneurs that are recording videos and showing on youtube how to target bad but they say its good and its testing, yet they did not a single research about it. They have lots of money so they dont care about research they just trow money in 100-1000$ if they get sales they do it if not they dont care because they still have money. Dont listen to that people.

Also when you see guys that are saying 5$ per day ad campaing is working and they generate from that 6-7 figure income per month its a lie. They do 5$ per day ad campaing but what they dont say is that they do 20 or 30 different ad sets per day so its 100-150 $ per day . Yes you can make it with 5$ per day only but it will take you ages to find your winning ad set.

With my facebook methods that I will show you in this course it will reduce your loss a lot and will improve your targeting way better and will make you cheaper conversion cost and engagement clicks.

How I got into facebook ads? Well I run shopify store and I was also amazed by other people on youtube who claim they become rich in just a few months of seling on shopify platform with a 5$ ads per day and that got me in.  And in first month almost 2 I failed every single ad, untill I managed to sell 11 bracelets at weekend and I spent around 13$ to sell  bracelets worth of 137$ and I was amazed that it worked. So I kept up always improving my ads and doing better research.

In this course I will show you FREE WAY or AD set way to sell products on facebook. I use both, as the first way is good if your competitors are just too strong and they have lots of buyers from facebook. Its prety easy to steal their customers since they have them too much and they cant manage to reply to all. That is the place where you show up.

By the end of this course you will know:

*how to target your ads perfect,

*how to optimize your product page for facebook ads and ads on facebook,

*how to find highly active targeted audience for any product or niche,

*how to use facebook pixel to steal competitor visitors and create look a like audience for your product,

*how to sell without facebook ads course,

*how to find hot selling products on facebook,

*how to use reverse facebook ad set to your gain,

*how to know your targeted audience without testing facebook ads,

*how to use e-mail marketing in facebook ads

*how to retarget audience

My tips to start better targeting ads:

Whenever you see sponsored ad on in your news feed always like that page and continue doing same for other sponsored ads you may ask why when I dont like it but whenever I see some sponsored ad I always like it so that I can see them again as I want to find out who are they targeting to.

And you can do that by clicking on top right button on their sponsored ad section and click on:

Why am I seeing this?

And it will show you why is that page targeting you, its either reason that you like some specific term or you have visited their website or they are targeting some age / location and you are into that. So what you need to take from their ads is this info, if their ad proved good and they have high engage on that ad , I`m talking about shares, likes, comments, then they are targeting prety good.

If you see some ad that has 5k-10k engagemenet its successfull, just ask yourself why would anyone continue sponsoring bad ad to that big number of engagement. So if its good engage check why are they targeting you and take their details for your future ads as now you know what can you offer and who to target. It will reduce your cost in ads a lot and you wont need to test that much.

Also whenever you see that ads if you click on report ad or send back to facebook information that that ad is spam or not relevant to you it will hurt advertiser so dont do it, it can mess up their optimization of ads if they get too many reports. Imagine someone doing it against  you, its not that cool right, you will just waste money and get messed up ad in optimization?


With my Facebook Ads Course you will learn everything that you need to know.
In more than 50 PDF Pages , my coaching on skype and video guides you will learn how to optimize your business to 6 7 figures easy. Check it now and share this if you liked.

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