How to dropship on eBay free ?

If you are going do drop ship using eBay then you will have 10 free listings in begining.
You can get 50 free listings if you give a call to eBay company and ask for that. I read that it will work and they will increase that limit. Every new listing that is over your limit will cost 0,3$ and when you sell your product they will take 10% of your sale price so if you are selling your product for 10$ let`s say they will take 1$ on 10% commision if sold + 0,3$ of listing fee.

You need to add to that also PayPal fees which are somewhere around 0,3$ also. So if you are drop shipping from eBay make sure to include this in your selling price. Personally I add this to my shipping fee so that buyer will pay for my fees.

How to dropship on eBay free ?

How to dropship on eBay free

Do not start adding 1 product 10 or 50 times spending all your free listings.
You will add 1 product per listing and then you will see which one will work, if 1 starts selling then it`s worth paying 0,3$ listing fee to add new if it makes your profit. So add many products find out which one works and which one does not work so you dont add them again.

Keep in mind that when you are drop shipping its important to focus on increasing volume sales, in most cases your profit will be from few bucks to maybe 10-20$ if you are lucky to find product. So volume that you need to sell is important.

I have seen people selling phone cases and there was a guy who earned more than 1400$ in a month selling just 1 phone case mask. Imagine that you have 5-10 winning products on eBay that you can sell like this? It`s easy 5000-10000$ a month.
Your only job is when someone places an order you will need to order it on AliExpress using their shipping details.

One of the largest problems on eBay will probably be your shipping time delivery. While I was on eBay and dropshipping I always used only 1 country and it was USA. Simply because AliExpress has ePacket shipping method that will guarantee that your product
will be delivered to USA in just a 10-14 days after order is placed. Way faster than using standard shipping delivery that takes 30-40 days or in some cases even more.

Another drop shipping place where you can start is also Amazon. They are great because of their Amazon Prime method that will deliver product in USA in just a couple of days in most cases it`s just 2 days delivery. It cost 10$ a month to have amazon prime
package and it will increase your shipping delivery time a lot.

So if you are interested in this method of making your income without any money needed to start , and you have some free time to do this you will have big opportunity to make big in this business. As the times goes on I suggest you making your own store on Shopify and you can become a vendor yourself and you can make your own warehouse which most people does when they make success  in this first step in drop shipping.

I use this method mostly to spend all this profit on testing facebook ads and google adwords campaings for my real business.
Its a great method to make quick money income and scale it later on on your Shopify store or to invest it in your real business. Additionally you can hire someone to take care of your orders and pay them 10-20$ a day to make all orders done so you can focus on better things about your business.

How to dropship on eBay free
Another way of making money is using click bank website where you can add your products and all other people who are affiliates and are selling your products will take some part of your profit for their effort. It`s a great place to start of as it just requires
you to add your products that other people will sell for you and in addition you will give them commission that you want.

Higher the commission more sellers you will have on your product. Lower the commission you will have less people interested in selling your product. Best way to make like this is to create a product that costs you 0 money to sell again. And that is what I did,  I wont discover my products that I`m selling but they don`t cost me anything so every time I sell a product I have 100% profit.
In some cases I use Facebook Ads and Google Adwords or I add products to some affiliate websites and I give some commission to my sellers who will help me but it`s up to you. I just like to be everywhere and make money everywhere.


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