How to run business online?

There are many business online that are completely lost and they just cant focus on one thing and that is selling. As we are having more clients on vix market as the time is going we are having opportunity to see how other business works and what made best entrepreneur in the world today is only few things they applied every single day. I will show my my top tips how to make it with your business.


There are lot`s of business that dont hustle they just wait for some miracle to happen to them and then they will start putting effort, if you are running business this way you are most likely to fail in short period of time. What we say to every our client is that they need to hustle and they always ask us how to do that? If your skill is not hustle then best way is to find someone who has that talent and hire him to work with you. Give them some % of your company earnings so they can stay. If they are good hustlers fixed price will be a NO for them, they want % of your business if you dont give them that they will find ones who does. Give, Give, Give then SELL , make promotions ,connect with popular bloggers on instagram, facebook and other social media that are related to your niche, give them something, make partnership with them. 1 contact can make you millions of $ and if you think that this 1 contact is wrong then you should not run a business at all and you probably never even found a client yet.



When I say this to most of my clients they are totally lost, who, how, can you do this for me, can you manage it, can you do this for me? Why do you even ask this someone? Why would anyone help you grow your business when they have better business than yours unless you give them % of your business but this is field where everyone gets nervous because you don`t want to give them big % of your business to help, none will help you run your business for couple of hundreds of dollars, amateurs yes, professionals never, they can make it in a couple of minutes with 1 client. Write messages, 2 billion people  use facebook, 1 billion instagram and you don`t use it and its FREE. You will say I sent 100-1000 messages and I got no reply I give up, many of you give up so easily. I sent more than 50000 messages so far in my business looking for new leads and with this 50000 messages I got not a single client but I didnt give up like you did. I researched how to make better audience and how to target better, and in the end I found where my audience is and now I can get 2-3 clients per day that are not small clients when it comes to money.



Most of you think that you focus on selling but you live in illusion. You see many experts that are running business and show you how to sell but you miss the key point. They DID NOT even sell it, they just showed you how to find product on aliexpress, alibaba, amazon, ebay, or whatever product service you are selling, they show you how to add it , what price to pick, how to ship it, how to target some audience on facebook and their guide ends there. What you do? You do all this steps and miss last one now it is time to sell it, just posting your product on your page will not do much work, and then you will add more products so your product where you did research whole day just gone for nothing. All these things will start to influence on your mind to break eventually.



Patience is one of most important things you will need as an entrepreneur and in your business.You need to work on this, you will not be able to be patient if you are just starting your business.It is hard but it is a must if you want to have million $ business after years of hard working. When I was starting my business I had nothing for more than a year of working on my business, I changed many industries in short period of time and you just cant do this, you need to focus on one industry only. Stay there for some time, 5-10 years if you want to stay in one industry for 4-5 months and you expect to have big money you will fail 100%. Your mindset is not made up yet to be hard working machine every day with no breaks, no parties, no going out, no holidays, nothing but just working day and night every single day on your business. People who work every day on their business for 8-10 hours will make it for sure after some time but most of you dont even work on your business more than 1-2 hours per day. You know why you wont make it? Because your competitors are working more than that. If you want to win, work more than them. 



Most of business I had chance to see so far when I asked them how do you improve and test new things , where are you learning new things they say they dont learn. If you think that you know everything you will fail. You dont know everything even if you are expert in your field you still dont know everything, you always need to educate yourself with quality books. I`m not talking about schools, schools suck hard and you will learn NOTHING in school about running business , schools are not made for that, schools are made to make people work FOR money not to make them make money work FOR them. Find entrepreneurs that are top in your industry, follow them daily see what they do, check their talks, strategies, contact them, follow them, eventually you will become person like them if you surround yourself with them. I can recommend you people that I follow and my top 2 are Patrick Bet David and Gary Vaynerchuck, but there are many of them like Tai Lopez, Elon Musk, Grant Cardone, Sebastian Gomez and others.

Do all of this and your business will grow over time, dont do only 1 of this things your business will fail for sure. Choice is on you, decide now because now is the time.

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