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In this article we will show you tips and strategies that you can use to increase your social community, you will learn how to stand out on instagram and all other social platforms. Many young entrepreneurs are caught up and find dead end here, they have perfect product and services, great content but you are still making nothing in return. No profit, nobody knows about you and you find out soon that your problem is lack of audience. Nobody knows that you exist in world, market never saw your products. Most people think that it is enough just to build website or any other business and get products and customers will come just like that but what they ( you ) face up is complete opposite thing. Nobody knows you. Not even your brand, not even your products, why would anyone buy from you when you have zero reviews, zero feedbacks, only few people that follow you on social media accounts. All these things builds trust to your future clients and future sales. Nobody would buy from brand new business they want some older business that already proved trust to them. It takes time to get in business , 1 year is not enough, most of you give up before even 6 months pass just because there are no results and when you are building up big brand it takes decade to build it. What most of us get served right in face is only final products of successful entrepreneurs. We just see final version of Zuckerberg, Donald Trump, Elon Musk, and other big CEO names in the world. Nobody tells you that most of them had tons of failures and that it took them years to build what they own today. They did not make anything of wealth they have now in just 1 year. Everyone struggles , even them , some less if they get lucky but hard work pays off. You can expect to make million in your first year of business. As it only takes half year to year to build up business in the first place depending on what you are doing.

What every business needs is community , you need big instagram account and you will learn now how to stand out on instagram, how to get big facebook audience, twitter followers, snapchat, youtube subscribers everywhere where you can be you want to be there and dominate but how do you get domination on social media in shortest time possible? I would recommend you to never purchase audience, do not use those ads that you will receive 10k – 100k audience for some money in most cases that is fake community and you will only lose your money. Do not use when it comes to growing up your audience. Get this in your head, the only person that knows your audience is you, getting others to do this for your will not get you best audience. You can work this with your business partners that were with you from the beginning and know everything about your products, marketplace and all important things.

Best strategies to grow up your business community and stand out on instagram

  • Follow up other real accounts ( do NOT follow big million accounts – that may work to get huge followers per day but all of them will unfollow you next day and those are only fake pages and fake people getting this audience is waste of time ). What is better to do is this. If you live let`s say in USA you will follow up 10000 people that have legit accounts, photos, videos, good engage on their profiles, around 10-20% of them will follow you back others and for the others use Unfollower Instagram Audience apk and you will get this back to 0 in day or two apk will unfollow all your people who did not give you back follow. We use this method to grow our new business online and doing this for 2-3 hours per day gets us from 200-300 followers. Do not use this method for long time, when you get 5000-10000 followers then create promotions. Give, give ,give then hook back. Make engagement promotions and in short period of time you can get 15k-20k followers once you reach this level account and when I say it I mean every social media platform not just instagram. This can work out for any platform if you use it. Connect with influencers, connect with people that are same size with you. Talk to brands that just started that have 20-30k followers ask them for shoutout for shotout you will be amazed how much of them are interested in this. Connecting with only 10-20 influencers can get your account up to 50k audience in fast period of time. Once you achieve 50k you just move to bigger influencers, new contacts and from 50k audience you can start monetizing your account. You can sell stories for money, people will come to you that you advertise them in your story post for 24h. It takes time but getting this big audience 50k-100k is a solid platform to start up any business and spread word about you. Having this big audience will keep your business always in profit only from making money from advertising on it other people and business that will pay you to promote them.                                                                                                                                                                    Best Way To Stand Out On Social Media

how to stand out on instagram



  • Step number 2 is when you create this big audience you want to create 2 things, quality from your business in this quality you need to provide trust and all your followers must know that they can trust you and your business another thing that you want to do is to create drama about your competitors. Ok you are now wondering why do I need to create drama for my business? At some point of every business there are haters that hate you and your business so much, but this can be good thing too. What me and my team did for one of our business was that we went into new industry but our competitors were really tough and it was hard to beat them or even to come close to them with sales so what we did was we created drama. We attacked them, created videos why are they bad, you know that every thing you can find online always have video on youtube pros and cons? We did cons for every our competitor out there, it`s facts we don’t lie we just examine them and get worse out of their business and spread it all over not mentioning that it`s getting organic reach from their own business customers when searching but sharing this on your audience and getting it viral when in the end of that video you are redirecting all new potential customers to your business is a must. What will this do is that it will give you much bigger reach, people love drama, attacking and it gets you hates, and this kind of haters are good for your business they do free marketing for you they will spread word about you everywhere they can even if it is a bad word people will hear for you, when they come to you if you have quality and trust they are yours.
  • Third step is to start posting, if you have big audience but you are not posting photos, videos , proofs of your clients, products, services everything if that Is missing your audience will die and it cant grow up to much bigger audience. There are many young girls, boys who post hell a lot of posts per day and you find that as spam or it is too much trust me that is not enough, it is fine but they should do way more. You want to have 10-20 stories per day, images upload , videos upload, live events talk, upload videos to youtube, create content on your websites write articles each day 1500-2000 words it takes 1-2 hour to write good one I do this every day for some of my business. Fast typing is my thing and I can do 2000 word article in less than 20 minutes fully SEO optimized for search engines to get more organic traffic. You will learn it after some time too but posting is the key to have steady organic audience grow. When I say post a lot I do not mean on spammy things, only quality content you need to spam all other stuff that is not related to your business should not be there. When you start doing this you might notice that your audience is slowly getting lower and people are leaving you because you are spaming and most people stop there and they think oh I spam to much I should probably spam less and when you do less nothing happens. People will leave you anyway, they come and go even your friends, not talking about customers who never saw you before, don’t get hit by this and just keep posting, you don’t need people who don’t like your posts in the first place. I would rather have 10000 audience that loves my product than 1 million audience that never heard about me. You can make much more money with first audience always.
  • Step number 4 is to create amazing promotions, giveaway money, prices, products, give discounts to your audience, make promotions daily but you need to give with no in return that is best way to get new people like your business, in addition you can use my course `` Best Facebook Ads Course `` where you can learn to use facebook ads to get your business bigger and start selling your products and services way more. Also you can checkout my `` Best Seo Course `` and learn how to get organic traffic for your website and how to stand out in crowded market with seo training online. So if you are interested in starting up your digital marketing for your business you can contact us for help in growing up your audience with SEO optimization and we will help you in managing social accounts and we will help you to start sell online much easier and will help you create much bigger engage on your posts.
  • Get apps that will automatic post for you, there are apps and softwares online that you can use where you will for instance download 1000 pages write descriptions and you will edit them so that this apps post each day at same time x numbers of posts that you want so you can make it to post every 4 hours new post it takes few hours or day to make this but then you are free for month or two and you will have your posting every day published and you can work on other things which is selling.

 instagram marketing strategy

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  • Nice tips I will give this a try sure. I really want to stand out on instagram and with this I think it is kinda easy to do it.


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