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SEO covers many aspects when it comes to optimization of your business online therefore one of really powerful tools is doing local optimization of your business. Let me explain you how do to local seo. Let’s say that your business is located in USA as an example and you are selling paintings and run a store that is located in New York, this is just an example. Your keyword that you are ranking is paintings for sale as an example. You were doing SEO for quite some time but you are still not number one in search results and you know that keyword paintings for sale has tons of traffic in New York. So how does the google work on this is simple and we will explain you all local seo services in our best seo course.

local seo services

If you submit local listings on places such as google maps, google my business and other places your business will be located now on maps so if someone searches for painting gallery you will appear as result. I will show you below how to submit local listings but first I need to explain you all about this, as I tested this on few of my websites and it is really good method to rank first. So let’s say you had rank 25 on that keyword before but now you submitted listings on maps and google see you now more serious and your listings were placed on New York maps so what happens now is this.         

Everyone who searches from location that is close to location of your listing place will have your result for keyword paintings on sale not on place but on way better place how good place is depends from listings submitted but do not abuse this too much. In the end companies can have x numbers of stores so from some point they can’t find out that you are spamming. From my own tests in local seo I was trying to rank for some serious keyword for a long time and it was stuck at position 9. to 10. The moment I submitted only 1 listing on location where I live my keyword got rank number 1 and sometimes drops to position number 2 if I do search from location where local listing is submitted.

Local SEO works best if you know where your visitors are from ( prefered cities ) so if you rank for keyword such as paintings selling in New York then you must do local seo for New York because people who are doing that type of searches in google are from New York. Business that do local SEO can dominate over business who do not do them simply because you will steal their visitors if they didn`t do any local seo optimization. In order to check out if they have submitted any local listings you can use moz local seo check and test them.

When you are posting your local listing you will need next things:

  1. Business name
  2. Contact number
  3. Description
  4. Industry - category
  5. Logo of your business
  6. Address of your business
  7. Work time of your business.

local seo usa

As times goes on you can hire someone to leave you some reviews with 5 stars just to look legit but it will come naturally if you provide great service. In the photos below you can see how to submit local listings very easy. However if you still do not know how to do this you can hire our agency just send us message on: or send us message on instagram and we will give you free website quote. Make sure to check out our latest SEO course and get it today for only 100$ and learn everything you need to know about SEO. In our course we will show you how to get clients from 5k $ month and above with no investment at all. You can learn all of that in our course above so make sure to get it today.


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