Rat Race Idiom

In this article I want to discuss about important things that will make your life great or bad. Depending on what changes you apply to your life and your mindset it will reflect on your life in future, we are the creators of our future, not anyone else, not your family, not your friends, not some fake friends you want to admire to, not job that you hate, It is YOU, it is YOU my friend. In this article I want to talk about really important things how can you get out of everything that you hate, change your life , how to give zero fucks about people`s opinion about you. Ever heard about rat race and do you know what does that mean? 

Let me explain you the definition of Rat Race.

rat race idiom is an endless, self-defeating, or pointless pursuit. It conjures up the image of lab rats racing through a maze to get the "cheese" much like society racing to get ahead financially. The term is commonly associated with an exhausting, repetitive lifestyle that leaves no time for relaxation or enjoyment. Often, people work long hard hours at jobs they hate, to earn money to buy things they don't need, to impress people they don't like.

Rat Race Idiom

Working hard is good but there are people out there who spend few minutes of work just to get your whole monthly salary or even your year of hard work, and you on the other side think that you can`t do that, you will never achieve it. You start with excuse such as they are better, they had luck, not everyone can do that only few people achieve this but all of this bullshit comes from your environment. From people who blame others because they are not successful in their life. They finished great colleges and first thing they did was they accepted to work for others for few hundreds of dollars per month. One of first things that you hear from them is long meeh my boss will not give me bigger salary and I am working my ass off, my boss is selfish he just looks for himself he does not care about us. Well let me tell you something.

That boss probably at some point was on your place and he was sick of same crap and he took things in his hands and created life he enjoy now. On the other hand everyone of you who work for others agreed to work for money you were offered, it is you who is guilty not your boss that you are working for that salary. You had choice, we all have choices, some people pick smart choices others pick this and then complain and put everything that is bad on others. Negativity is bad, but really I removed many negative people this year from my life , literally there are only few left which will be gone by the end of this year. I don’t like negative people. People who tell me I can`t make millions, I know I can , you can see me in few years and we can compare each other. It is easy, once you remove your limits and work on your mindset not to have any limits and program it to take actions and start working really hard on your goals, because end goal is to have life you can enjoy and do whatever the hell you want in your life. That is the thing we all need to strive for.

You can make money out of anything. Period. I can make money whatever the hell I work on, I always find a way to make money out of anything, that is just me and my mentality. You do not need money to make money, starting with that mindset in beginning is really bad. What it tells you is that if you do not have money to invest then you can`t have business at all. So in order for your business to success you need to have money all the time. I do not create or run such business. Every business that I run online is completely depending on ME and my ACTIONS. No money at all.

Closing A Deal

Hustle. I hustle every single day. I send e-mails to tons of companies which I`m offering my services to. Like money is everywhere around you but you just don’t know how to stand in the middle and grab it for yourself. Being middle man in every business is great your only job is to connect 2 side of people and get your percentage for the work that is done. If you have buyers you can find sellers in a matter of minutes guys it is 21. Century you can find everything online in a matter of seconds. I will tell you how to start making money without no money at all. Everything that you need to do is to take ACTION. If you will not take  action after reading this article then you probably will never get out of this rat race and you will always struggle in your life trying to achieve many things and you will end up doing not a single one of them.

Making money by promoting other people and business? You can create social profiles on facebook and instagram get it to 50k-100k people audience and promote others and make money. I have courses how to do this and you can check them out.  Just to post stories on your instagram with this big audience you can get from 50$ to a few hundreds of dollars per single post. That is just a few seconds of work.

Rat Race Idiom

Selling every single service to anyone? Do you have some friends who want some digital marketing services, or they want some logo design, they want some articles to write, read horoscope, make music, write lyrics, edit videos, program some things, make websites, every single services that is out there I tell everyone that I know to do it even if I do not know. Why? Because I can find guys who are experts in this in a matter of minutes to hour. Ask them for price then get back to your buyer or friend who wanted such service increase price to get your cut and you are in profit. That easy made money without money. You just connected 2 sides and had benefit as middle man. Creating business like this is very easy and getting audience well you have my courses for this which you can check.

This business is completely operating without money and is completely depending on you and your actions, you are the one who must get clients, who must get buyers, once you have buyers searching for sellers is easiest part. Let me just give you an example if you sell websites as I do. It takes me not more than 1 hour to make fully optimized website and I get commission from hosting platform where I make website which is 100$ + I charge client around 100$ for creating it. All that I do is that I contact daily 100-200 business that are selling online on social networks but do not have website. Or I give calls to companies in my city that do not have website and I just offer this to them. In order to sell this service to anyone there you need to have good beginning story that will SELL. You need to BUY their attention. First words make big difference in negotiations. Usually from 200 messages that I send to business 30-40 gets back to me with reply and I convert around 10 of them to clients. 10 clients 2000$ for 10 hours of work. Afterwards I make them website I sell them my services and other courses. It is very easy to sell again after you sell first time to someone. You form trust with client and then you have more room to make profit. If your business is about selling 1 thing only make second thing that is sub product and is needed for that first thing. This way when you sell your first service to a client you can offer them second one which they usually buy also.

Money is everywhere around you. There are tons of people buyer-selller in this world your only job is to get on this place. Buyer- YOU – Seller. Once you do this to few industries online you are rich  guy out there. Connecting tons of buyers to sellers lead to millions and gives you much bigger opportunity to start any other business with experience that you collect and gather from this. Not mentioning that after this people will hear about you. You can build really big audience this way and you can stand out loud in your market and be aggressive.

Change Your Life Today
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