Rat Race Idiom

In this article I want to discuss a few important things that will make your life great or mediocre.

Depending on what changes you apply to your life and mindset today, it will greatly affect your life in the future. We are the creators of our own destiny, not anyone else; not your family; not your friends; not those you admire and aspire to be like; not the job that you hate; but it is YOU. It is YOU my friend!

In this article I want to talk about the really important things in life, and how can you get everything to want. I want to help you get out of the Rat Race. 

Let me explain you the definition of Rat Race.

rat race idiom is an endless, self-defeating, or pointless pursuit. It conjures up the image of lab rats racing through a maze to get the "cheese" much like society racing to get ahead financially. The term is commonly associated with an exhausting, repetitive lifestyle that leaves no time for relaxation or enjoyment. Often, people work long hard hours at jobs they hate, to earn money to buy things they don't need, to impress people they don't like.

Rat Race Idiom

Working hard is good, but there are people out there who spend only a fraction of the time you spend at work, yet still make your entire monthly or yearly salary. You may think about how to do the same but that you will never achieve it. You start with an excuse like, 'they are better' or 'they just have good luck', but all of that nonsense comes from your environment.

Everyone who works for someone else agreed to work for money they were offered. It is you who is guilty, not your boss, for the choice to work for that salary. You had a choice. We all have choices. Some people make smart choices  and others accept their choice only to then complain and put their disappointment on others. Negativity is bad. People who tell you that you can't be successful need to be replaced.  It is easy to succeed once you remove your limits and work on your mindset!  Re-program your mind to erase limiting beliefs and force it to take action! Start working really hard on your goals, because in the end, true happiness come from reaching them. You can have the life you want; the freedom you desire; and the happiness you seek.  That is the 'thing' we all need to strive for.

You can make money out of anything if that is your mentality. Period. You do not need money to make money, and starting with that mindset from the beginning will change the game. If you hold on to the idea that you need a ton of capital to start with to be successful, you will never be free to work for yourself. We do not create or run such business. Every business that I run online is completely dependent on MYSELF and MY actions. You can do the same, but you need to just take the first steps to FREEDOM!


Rat Race Idiom


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