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One of the really important aspects of SEO is content outreach. If you are using old tactics such as white hat SEO and slow link building processes, or if you are creating your own PBN networks to rank your websites, you need to always make sure to create quality content for the best possible user experience. Google does its best to provide users with the top results when they search. For example, how many times have you ever searched for cats and you get dogs? I would venture to say never. You can`t fault google if you are not in the first place rankings. It's up to every entrepreneur to understand that if your content deserves first place, it will be at some point in time. You just need to put in the work!

So how do you approach everything? 

First you need to make sure that your articles or website content is providing value to your visitor. Once you manage to create it,  you can focus on outreach. According to Google Webmaster Tools,  you are not allowed to just link other blogger material. However, if you like content you see,  share it on your website with credits back to the original poster.  Why? Because they put a lot of effort into their content! Sharing it with your audience and sending visitors to their websites for more can help you in the long run.


How to approach SEO Outreach

seo outreach

One of the best methods for outreach is to create a unique e-mail template that you can use to send visitors back to other websites related to your niche. For example, if you are a sport blogger, you can look for popular websites about sports who also blog. When you create a quality article about the same subject, you may want to contact the admins of other websites to share it on their pages and vice versa. It becomes a reciprocal relationship. In doing so, you can create leverage. Having leverage in business is a must.  Creating leverage will help you in your content OUTREACH to a substantial degree.


How to approach link outreach

content outreach

When I say network, I mean that you need to be on every single social media platform that is popular and active. You will see many bloggers on Instagram that have 10k-100k followers,  and they connect it to their own personal blog page. Find them, contact them, and make a connection. This is an amazing marketing tool.


Create unique content that does not exist anywhere. Do not simply copy and paste something that is low quality. If you do this, you may get penalized by Google.  Always be relevant and unique when doing content outreach.


Leaving a great first impression is important! Make sure that  people you outreach will love you for the things you said or offered to them. Create amazing content that can help anyone who needs or wants to grow their own name. It's a community!


If there is no passion,  it truly reflects in your content. If you don't love what you are doing, you will not put much effort into sharing it. I have seen many businesses around me try and  sell products they only sourced because an infomercial told them to. They ask me why they can't sell their product. I look at their page and ask them a simple question: Why would YOU buy this? Most answer that they would not purchase it but they think others will.

If YOU wouldn't buy your own product, why would someone else want to? 

Always be passionate about your business. If you don't love it, your customers will mirror the sentiment.


How to look for bloggers and Influencers?

link outreach

As I mentioned earlier best way to search for them would be entering your keywords in google and contacting top results, just open their website see about what they are talking , head to the footer of their website and look for contact page if you find it or their social media accounts just send them your previously created e-mail template for cooperation and partnership. It will help you a lot. You want to contact at least 20-30 results for each keyword. Note that only 1 of them could be a game changer for your website. Make sure that you are contacting genuine bloggers not some low quality websites. To check this make sure to head down to semrush or any other website and check their traffic standing, their keywords and things related to that. If there is none, getting outreach from them will be of no use for you. You need to aim for bloggers who have big visitors offer them something in return and they will accept your kind offer.

If you want to learn more about SEO then I recommend you get my SEO course! In order to learn every single aspect of SEO and it's complexity, it's a wonderful tool to help get long term paying clients, and improve your own businesses as well.

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