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Hello, In this article we will show you all features in shopify product options.

To access your product sections you will navigate in your shopify panel to Product section than add product. Here You will be able to add title of your product , description and sales channels. By default you will have online store marked as yes so whenever you add your product to your store it will be live right now. 2 Other sales channels are handy for facebook and messenger if you have your page of store on facebook you can easily import all your products from store to your facebook page in just a minutes. Note that before you do this you need to connect facebook page to your store. 
You can add product type so the customers can find easy what they are searching for.
Vendor you can either enter your brand name or your supplier name.

shopify product options

Scrolling bellow you can add images to your products, each image will have option to add alt text which helps a lot in SEO as google can know that it must list your product if someone is searching that term that you add in your alt text. 
Each product must have a collection, collection is feature where you say where will your product show up on your website. It can be home page, t shirts, cosmetics etc.

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Pricing can be put as compare to price or not comparing. This way you can make your products marked as on sale. You can mark charge taxes on this product so that customers will need to pay tax fee in checkout before their purchase is done.  Shopify Product Options are really handy for anyone and it`s easy to setup this in just a minutes.

You can follow SKU , stock keeping units if you are selling from aliexpress you will have your stock listed here if you are using oberlo. You can add barcode to each product.

Additionally you can make it so that it don`t track inventory if your product does not contain inventory. It can be some service , advice , etc.

shopify product options 3

Each product can have option to be shipped and you can add different shipping rate to any country in the world. It can be connected to weight, price , or number of products if you are using additional apps.

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In variants section you can make sizes of your products, option values and colors.

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And most importantly page title and  meta description. You never want to leave this empty as google will not know how to find out your page when someone is searching. In this title field you will want to add your keyword that you want to rank for. You will add your keyword once in meta description too and some short description text.

That would be all explaining shopify product options in next article we will explain you how to connect products to collections stay tuned.


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