Should Entrepreneurs Own A Website?

Should Entrepreneurs own a website?

When it comes to starting your business, main thing that you need is to be everywhere! So in one word, yes! The internet is the most effective marketing tool in existance nowadays, have the capacity of reaching far more people than any leaflet drop or advertisement in the local paper ever will, well not maybe all newspaper but you get the point, it can be totally free to advertise on internet which is why its the best place to start building up your brand.

Should you create your own website?

If you ask us then its totally YES. Why? Because its free and anyone can have website nowdays and what is most important there are so many ways you can earn with website that you own beside business that you run. You can advertise other people`s business on your own website , earn from affiliate, earn from google adsense, and many more.
It all depends on your skills, if you have the ability to produce a site that looks good, then go ahead, it will save you money and will work wonders as a marketing tool. In our courses at Value Investment Xchange Market you can see that we are teaching new entrepreneurs how to build websites for free and what is the cheapest hosting packet that can withstand all their traffic in begining. Our VIX Market courses will show you everything and teach you all crucial parts. You can check our tutorials on how to start free website on wordpress platform or shopify store which we recommend as we use it and its great for SEO since its giving you nice authority juice from shopify.

What content do you need?

This all depends on what you want from being online, if you want to sell online and create e-commerce store, having your products online is going to be very useful! If you're just looking to get your company online, then there are TWO elements that we believe are imperative:

Information about your company - who are you and about what is your business about, why should  someone use it, simply explain benefits of your company.
How to contact you - company without contact simply does not exist so make sure to have accounts on all social media networks, so more people can reach out to you, like facebook, youtube, instagram, snapchat, twitter, pinterest, tumblr, email, skype or any other thats popular nowdays!
Without these two no-one is going to know who or what you are so please make sure to invest some work into making all of these, it may be booring but its worht as more people can reach you and get to know you. Remember when people look at websites, if its well designed they won't know if they're dealing with a multi-national company or a one person organisation, this is your chance to play alongside the big boys!!

What to do now?

So you're convinced a website is the way to go? Excellent, this can only be of benefit to you! Now you've got to check our course for starting online business at VIX Market. Things to keep in mind when looking is what kind of style are you looking for, find some websites that you like or contact us to help you make it as you want it.

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