VIX Market Courses - We will teach you how to start your business from scratch.

Our team worked very hard learning past year all sections of e-commerce online. Result of these learnings are courses that we designed perfectly so that anyone who finishes them can start their own business online and generate income within a few days. We are currently providing all 8 courses bellow with proven methods of succsess. VIX Market courses are best courses online because it takes no money to make money and we focused in 2 ways.

Free way - we will teach you how to make money with no money if you are affraid of risks.

Paid way - if you have some investment it will speed up this process and you will benefit faster.

Our courses are for everyone , and we target mostly people who are affraid of risks since our courses have lots of safe methods that you can try so you can generate your income bigger and bigger over time.

We are proving an seo course where we will show you all that you need to know about SEO after reading this course you will be able to start your own business and work for others as SEO Expert:

Search Engine Optimization Training Course

An entrepreneur mindset training course where we will change you to better thinker and logical person and we will show you why are entrepreneurs always making it happen and what do they have that normal people dont have.
Entrepreneur Training Mindset Course

Facebook competitor course will provide you with details how to steal your competitor buyers with no investment in ads and will also provide you with a course of paid ads campaing that will boost your conversions fast.
Facebook Competitor Master Course

Dropshipping course will provide you with proven methods of places where you can start your dropshipping for free or for montly subscriptions and we will teach you exactly how to establish it
Start Dropshipping Full Course

Shopify is our loved e-platform when it comes to e-commerce and its proven to work if you use it properly in this course we will teach you how to setup shopify store within a few days and how to optimize it for seo and connect it to social media accounts.
Full Shopify Store Making Course

When you learned all of these you need to start selling. business without sales isnt a business in this course we will teach you how to sell anything and how to start conversations , what to trigger in your buyers , how to people buy, how to approach them and more.
Learn Sales Course

If you are starting an e-commerce then wordpress is free way to go and cheapest one, not quite quality but will be cheapest proven method
Build Website For Free - Wordpress

Once you have started everything we will be there for you with our course running business where we will share with you how to scale from now and how to maintain your business , how to hire workers, who to hire, how to approach your team, work ethics and more.
Running Business


VIX Market

Get your courses now at ViX Market - Business And Entrepreneurs Dream and we will be there to help you with anything that you need. Biggest reason why people are poor is because they learned through life that they need to work for money insted of making money work for them. And our courses will provide you with everything that will make you better person, entrepreneur, and will change your life to better. This wont teach you in schools and universities, they are outdated and they are still teach skills that you need for period of 1900` .
Stop wasting your time working for others and their borring job , create your own job and be free.

BULK SEO COURSE - get all 8 courses at 50% sale


Cheers, Nebojsa Milicevic CEO of VIX Market

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  • Your courses are really good, I have been into several other courses and yours really cover everything that we need to know and we can apply this immediatly after we are done which is why I like your content!
    Keep up the good work!


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