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Why do you see every day or week that your friends, family or anyone similar who is in some way let`s say entrepreneur , who run their business at your town that are struggling to keep up with other? They are blaming everyone else because their business is not growing. Each day you hear their excuses how it`s either too hard to sell or let`s say customers that enter in their store are not interested. Do you know why? Those people who create their store let`s say to sell clothing products in 99% of cases will fall apart. Why? Because they quit on improving them self, they quit on their education the moment they finished school thinking they got enough knowledge, they gave up long time ago.

Well let me tell you something ,school is fucking BS and waste of time, your best years of life will be spent for literally nothing. You may hate me for saying shit about your education, I`m not saying all of them are bad there are only 2 education systems that I know that they have perspective and it`s law and programmers, everything else is just waste of time and money and life.

Our education and things that schools, universities are teaching at this day is same if you would go back to 100 years ago, they forgot to do update for almost a century and guess who didn`t? World. It`s outdated and it has no value at all in this time. Our education is built only to teach people how to work for money. There isn`t any school that is teaching you how to become entrepreneur or how to run your business and how to start up. Not a single fucking one, and you know what`s even more funny?

People who are `teaching` you in your own schools are teaching you of things they never did. In most cases you don`t even have proper teacher that will teach you. When I say this I mean that let`s say you will have some business course and your teacher , mentor, coach will teach you how to make millions but guess what he never did it, he is just doing theory which is BS, school is the same, you have teachers that are teaching you things they never did, do you ever think about this? Look you will spend 16 years to 20 years going to school listening to crap , getting into bad things to do and it will just ruin your mindset and by the time that you finish college your mindset is produced to be a robot and to work for others for rest of your life.

At some point of your life when you see that it`s becoming misery you will ask yourself how did I finish up here and you will start struggling like that guy who runs clothing store with no customers. Do you know why he don`t have customers? Because he is acting same like schools , he didn`t improve his education for many years and in that time everything changed he is still living in the past doing things he consider that will work.

It`s 21. Century now and if you don`t run your business  online you don`t exist in the world, simple as that. Why would anyone go to your store and buy something  when they can buy it from their home not even going out for probably less money that they will pay to you? If you don`t exist online on the internet you don`t exist in real world. Real world is place where we spend our time, but internet is a place where we spend our life and you need to focus to be part of that.

You run a clothing store for which you will pay monthly rent depending on location consider that it`s few hundreds dollars per month or thousands , and your location of it plays biggest role and I see many stores who are oppening in town each day and by the next half a year or year they end up being closed do you know why? Bad targeting and bad marketing.
If you exist on the internet and have your own website you can target directly people who will for sure like your product.

You will have  bigger reach, if you run a store in 5000 citizens town , you are limited to those 5000 people. If you run internet store you are limited to every human being that has internet and its billions of people and it`s having much bigger impact on your business than having store in a town.

Conclusion, reason why most business fail is that they don`t exist online and they don`t have website so they can reach more new customers and make more money. Within this said I will start teaching you how to build websites on Shopify platform which is currently best platform online and I will explain and prove why it`s the best in things to come within this course.

One more thing to add if you are reading this I hope that you got remaining courses  so that I can teach you how to become an entrepreneur that will make money easy online within a few days instead of taking 16-20 years of your life and money on education that will end you up like working slave. With my pack of courses that cost only 99.99$ in which you will receive all courses, free website built that you want, free logo design and more gifts in other courses I will teach you how to start making money work for you instead of being opposite making you to work for the money.

ViX Market will only take $99.99 from you to teach you how to start and run a successful business online in just a few days. but what will schools do? They will take you more than 16 years of your life to teach you to work for someone else for couple of hundreds dollars per month and in those 16 years they will take you more than 15.000$-20.000$ of your parents money to `educate` you.

I'm offering you 2 choices. For one small price, you get a pack of courses and coaching for about the same money you would probably waste buying things that you don't even need! 


Choose 1 from below?

Be your own boss,  create your freedom, do what you love to do


 Work for someone else, create their dreams , do what you don`t like to do?

The choice is yours, pick smart and live your life on your terms!

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