Create Your Own Business or Work For Others

Your Business or Work for others

 There are a lot of people out there who are not happy working for others. In essence, not working for yourself means you are helping someone else achieve their dreams instead of achieving your own! Some people find the confidence and strength to take their lives into their own hands and start a business for themselves. First idea of that decision is that if you run your business you can work less hours, you will have more money, you can be free from anyone and not depend from anyone and what most people think at that point is that it is easy and it should not take a  long period to make great business but reality is opposite.

If you are thinking about creating your own business just that you can work less than your previous job then business is not for you my friend and you should just go out there and work for someone else and be happy with it. Business takes time to build, some businesses get lucky and achieve it over night but if you are waiting for that to  happen it probably never will. As much as you depend from your boss when you are working for him that is also how much your business depends from you when you are running your business. Creating a business is good and healthy because you are creating jobs for others too, while working for others you can only get some small part of their  profit but while working for yourself you can get clients that are worth millions of dollars, business gives more money than your boss, remember that.

I just want to clarify something here where I said you get clients of 1.000.000$ and I know that your first reaction is probably that is not possible or it is too much, and there is only one thing that I want to say when it comes to this part. If you are thinking that 1.000.000$ is too much for a client then your mindset is limited and taught that having 5k $ - 10k $ -100k $ per month is too much. When I was starting my business first time I started like everyone else, create product make it so cheap that it will sell like crazy and everyone can buy it but as the times goes on you can see that you can make more money and that your mindset was limited in the first place then you start increasing your price and you see that it is still selling so what you see now is that there is no limit. Schools taught you about limits and your close friends and family. There is no limit everything is in your head, once you remove that limit and become self aware of who you really are there is nothing that can stop you from becoming number 1 in your industry.


Nowdays profit comes in big part from online sales using internet , selling over the phones, or laptops, and managing business becomes lot easier with new technology which is ideal for you if you are having your business. It means that you can run your business from every single location in the world that has access to the internet, which is prety much anywhere in the planet. While working for others in most cases you are stuck in your chair doing work and you are always at same place never moving wasting your life, having business and possibility to run it online wherever you are gives you more opportunities to enjoy life and travel the world making new connections or anything that you like. While working for others people stop to improve their education with business it`s different, you are learning every single day , you are testing new things, making sales, traveling, organizing, making new strategies, I can say from my own experience that it is way more fun to have a business then to work for others. Yes business will cause you stress at some points but it is fun in the end, and you can`t lose anything if you give it a try.

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