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Learn how to get 10,000 to 20,000 followers in less than 2 months on any Instagram account using methods from my online course.

Make back the LOW cost of the course in record time by following our proven methods!


Instagram Marketing Course contains the following lectures:

1. Introduction to author

2. Introduction to Instagram Course

3. 3 Methods on how to get followers

4. Top Instagram Apps to use to grow your account

5. Common mistakes and what to avoid

6. How to connect with Instagram Influencers

7. How to use Hash Tags right way

8. 3 ways to find clients 

9. Final words

Bonus Section:

- E-mail list of 2,000  Instagram Brands who look for Influencers

- E-mail template we use to get sponsors

- List of Telegram groups that will find you sponsors


Starting up your business on Instagram is a must.

With this course you will learn everything about the Instagram platform.

You will learn how to get huge exposure in a matter of weeks or months.

We will teach you how to make money on Instagram and much more!

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Instagram Marketing Course –  Find out how we made 10,000 IG followers in 2 months using the methods presented in this course. We will also share how you can make money  promoting other businesses and lead sales to your websites!

When it comes to Instagram, you need to know it is by far the best platform online today. The Instagram algorithm is significantly different than the one on Facebook.  Facebook doesn't always allow everyone, even your followers and friends, to see your posts. Instagram is different because most of your followers will see your posts daily.

Even if your posts are 7 days old they will still be in your follower's Instagram feed. That plays an important role in this Instagram course because we want to show you how we have managed to grow several new accounts averaging 5-10k followers in less than a month. We did this using only our own methods, no apps bringing fake new followers, and no paid promotions. Nothing! Just a fresh account with quality content and qualiy descriptions can pave the way.

Before we start, I will share with you our accounts and explain our strategy on Instagram. You can use the same strategy with several small accounts or go all in on one specific account. You can duplicate it more times for bigger reach to your personal business or  even clients you promote.

Instagram Marketing is really important. If you are not aware, Facebook owns Instagram, so we can all say that their main goal is to transfer Facebook users to Instagram while keeping the same numbers on both sides. Why?  This would allow them to have 2 of the biggest networks in the world and ultimately dominate the networking field. That being said, there are many companies, brands and people who want to start up their business, get exposure, or just become popular on these platforms. And with good reason. 

Currently we own several accounts where each has more than 20,000 followers. Why 10 accounts with 20k followers instead of 1 account with over 200k? It becomes a bit more   simple when you realize we can target more brands, companies, and start ups by promoting 10 different niches instead of 1. It covers greater social territory. There is a good side in this and also a bad side. The good side is that you will make connections with more businesses out there and you have a chance to get more viral accounts. The bad side, having a 20k audience vs a 200k audience means less pay for your promotions.

We do not accept just any clients as Instagram influencers. We have a fixed price we don't go below as we promote businesses for money.  We always go for the long term clients over short term ones. As an influencer, you can determine your economic threshold. Just be clear about your standards when you are offered money for your influence. 




Our marketing  strategy works and in this course you will see our secrets to make any account go viral! If you are looking for a way to start making money on Instagram as an influencer, or even if you just want to promote your own business, this course is the best  possible solution for you!




We get e-mails daily requesting us to provide Instagram Marketing Services to others. We are focused mostly on growing our accounts and running a lot of them as influencers in specific regions, few big cities in the world, and in a few major industries as well. In order to get this service from us, please make sure to check out our services on the home page menu.

Get this amazing course today, and start growing your followers to serious business.This course is ideal for anyone who wants to become popular, start up business, promote others, join telegram groups, spread your word all around the world and more.


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