About us

ViX Market was established in may 2017. We are new company with different vision than others. Our mission is to raise funds from our course sales to make an impact to the world and bring changes that will make our world better place to live in. ViX Market mission is to help people all around the world, with best educational content and very cheap cost to get smile on your faces and on the other side with profit that we make to start serious education projects and teach other people how to start business. We are currently providing several projects to help people around the world to start their own business. We teach people proper mindset, how to make free website, how to setup dropshipping store, how to optimize store for seo, and most important how to start selling your ideas or products. Our team is working each day to provide our users with new educational content and trust us we are only giving the best and we will.

By the end of this year we are ready to give our total earnings by 5% which means for every product that someone buys from our store we will save 5% of that money that will go into education purposes around the world, printing books and giving them free worldwide so more people can learn money making without money needed in first place. Our team will write, motivate, produce video content and teach with quality and in person aswell with people all around the world.
In order to start this more serious we have opened AFFILIATE SYSTEM - where you can earn money too.
We have several other projects that keeps this website going, that`s why we are ready to help you and other people around the world. Our mission for 2018. is to create several projects from money that we raise together in which will we all participate. 

Every purchase that will go through VIXMarket will be permanently saved. At the end of each year or semi year we will publish complete data of total purchases made that are ready for starting projects. Our evidence in taking action will be  posted on our youtube channel with our real team members so anyone can follow us there and watch us when we start projects in following year.

Note that everyone who placed an order will be in our list at the end of year with amount that went to raising projects and all of you will see where will money go at the end of the year. We will do live video on social networks and make poli with our customers in what way to help. Its our money so we will all take part in it. Once we get ahead you can expect our daily vlogs and our new plans.

Nebojsa Milicevic 

Birth date: 21.04.1994.
Education: High School of Entrepreneurship 
Diploma: Manager of Security
BIO: Wrote 4 courses , run several online business including vixmarket.com, building websites for established business online and coaching them how to scale up their business, planning to publish book about making money online with e-Commerce by the end of next year. SEO expert , generating leads from companies that needs digital marketing experts. Social Media Manager helping business to grow their audiences bigger to generate new leads and clients and sales.

Thanks for being part of our VIX MARKET , together WE can change the world!