Advertise Your Business On VIX

VIX Market is opened to any partnership which includes advertising on our website. 
In order to start advertising your business we kindly recommend to reach us on official e-mail on CONTACT PAGE.
ViX Market will not advertise any gambling, porn, or medical business, as such material and content is forbidden on our website policy and terms. If you are running any other business we are right opportunity for you. Your banner  will be placed on our home page slider, video, or image, your choice. Keep in mind that you are not only getting your ad displayed to our visitors but you are also getting high quality backlink from us whuch will boost your rankings quite a lot.

We provide our partners weekly reports of impressions done on their advertisments, clicks and how to improve their businesses more by our marketing team.
Current price for posting  your advert on our website is 2.49$ per day.
Monthly advertise banner is 49.99$.
If your business needs ranking you can get article from us that we publish on our websitetalking about your business, article stays permanent on our website and you get backlink from us back to your website. Cost for this is 100$.
Our visitors are USA and Europe mostly which is highly worth traffic in world wgen it comes to adsense earnings. Also
one of most expensive to gain too. All our traffic comes from our paid campaings in adwords and facebook ads, and from social media accounts. We do not provide fake traffic on our website, no bots, or any software to provide fake results. Proof that we do not provide fake traffic on our website is that we run google adsense which forbids fake traffic.
Advertises who plan to advertise on our website will get weekly reports from our google analytics in .csv file or .pdf or on their e-mail.