Affiliate Partnership

VIXMARKET is launching affiliate system in our educational courses. In this section we will explain all features and what does affiliate system brings to our courses and what are benefits for our customers and our projects to come.
We have opened places to 1000 affiliate marketers who will be serious in making money with us. Affiliate partnership is opened until end of the 2018 year when we will close it and only share profit with our 1000 best marketers. In order to start earning money with VIX Market you will need to send us following details to our official support e-mail : 
1. Full Name
2. Date of Birth
3. E-Mail and phone contact
4. Your website where you will sell our courses.
5. If you dont have a website, explain us how will you sell our products.
6. Where do you plan to advertise us?
7. Do you have previous experience in sales? If yes , where?
8. How many products can you sell per month? ( Estimated result )
9. Do you have paypal account? ( Earrnings will be sent via PayPal )
10. What do you expect from our side?



1. Each sale that our affiliate marketers make will bring them from 20$ up to 25$ per sale!
Once applied we will send you list of our products that have less earning potential and bigger earning potential. You can chose any product from them to sell.
2. How much money can you make? 
- if you sell 10 products  - 100 $ / 150$
- if you sell 100 products - 1000 $ / 1.500$
- if you sell 1000 products - 10.000$ / 15.000$
- if you sell 10000 products - 100.000 $ / 150.000$

 In order to receive any commision per sale note that people that you will sell product to they need to send you their ORDER ID so we can check it and if everything is correct we will send you commision after 30 days of purchase was made.  Note that you can also order for them, you just need to provide us with their details in order so we can do shipping-delivry to their address or e-mail, once you place the order just notify us that it is affiliate sale and we will send you discount code so you can finish your purchase.


Please note that this affiliate partnership applies to worldwide shipping and ordering, you can apply from any place and sell to any country where you wish to sell. We plan to grow bigger influence on Europe in 2018. We will notify our members when we move to Europe also, currently our main focus is pointing to America. Shipping fees for our e-books may appear in some orders worldwide as we dont support free shipping to all countries around the world. If out courses are purchased in online form there is no shipping fee.

Loyality program

If we see that you preform really good in sales we will reward it with bonus money, because we care about quality work individuals and when we have that people in our team we will do everything to keep them with us. Also our affiliate partners have lifetime discount to any product on our store. How big the discount will be depends on sales per month that you make for us. And last thing to mention we will mentor and teach our affiliates how to generate bigger income in our e-mail webinars so make sure that you subscribe to our newsletter. We will help you be more successful in live and more independed so that you can quit regular boring jobs that you do not like and do not feel happy with.

Places where we recommend to sell our products: 

1. Ebay

2. Amazon



5. Facebook

6. Instagram

Similar websites related to this websites as examples will work best.