VIX Market FAQ

1. How can I place an order?
- Simply head to any product/course and click on add to cart and you will be redirected to cart, then you can go to checkout and finish payment.
2. What are the paying options supported by VIX Market?
- We currently support VISA, Master Card, and PayPal payings only.
We are working on implementing new paying options such as BitCoin, cash on delivery method and more.
3. I have place an order, when can I expect my product to arrive?
-  After placing an order it can take from few hours to maximum 2 days business days for your order to be processed from our store, if you are buying our courses it is usually within few hours if you order when our working time in up if you miss our working time you will receive your order next day, however if you order  our books on your address it may take some time to arrive depending on country and shipping package. 
4. I placed an order but I did not received my product?
- This cases are extremely rare, and we give our best not to happen, but sometimes it can happen to. If it passed more than 7 days when  you placed an order and you did not received your order or nothing on e-mail please also check spam in your e-mail if that dont work please contact us immediatly at : for resolving this.
We are operating with verified shipping supplier so this cases can either happen if you typed your shipping details incorrect or some strange magic happend. Which is why we suggest to double check shipping details before proceding with payment. If you do not receive order within 15 days we will provide full refund, and discount code to next order for 20%.
5. What promotions do you offer?
- We offer several promotions, please follow our facebook page for more.
6. How can I earn money with you?
- We have created affiliate system for people who are serious in changing their lifes, we offer commisions per sold products from 10-35% depending on volume that you sell. Please check Affiliate System for more.