Shopify Store Builder

Shopify Store Builder

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ORDER NOW and you will receive your perfect Shopify Store in a couple of days from our professional team. This is an incredible deal! You are not only getting a fully functional website, but also included is our personal coaching and access to our PDF course books.

shopify store builder

What you get in this price:

1. Newsletter sign-up so you can eventually retarget your customers by email.

2. Social Media account navigation from page.

3. Creation of all pages and navigation menus.

**If you would like content added to them, which includes product description and URL optimization, it is an additional cost. You will need to explain to our team what your business is so we can write a perfect SEO page to get you started.

4. Sliders and videos about your company or business.

5. Imported products (first 25 are free!)

6. Optimization of main pages for SEO.

7. Guides to sell more online with no money to start.

8. A month of Coaching on managing your store and website.

9. Access to our proven courses and selling strategies.

10. We will also analyze your social accounts to see how are you selling and guide you on how to improve.

11. Tops on marketing using social media for free.

12. Installation of must have apps for your store ( free apps).

COST FOR ALL OF THE ABOVE: ONLY  $150!!!! This could cost more than $400 on other sites!

What we need from you?

1. Unique Domain name created by YOU! Is it available? You can check various places on the web to see if it's taken and what options you may have. A domain can be anything from a .com to a .org!

2. Register your new domain on Godaddy. They have cheap intro offers as low as $.99 to begin.

3. We then connect your domain with the store we create.


**Your store will have 24h live support chat from official Shopify team.

**Your store will have a free SSL certificate for life as long as you use your monthly subscription. SSL is certificates are important as they are used to encrypt information on credit cards when your customers are buying. This helps customers feel safe from hackers that want to steal their credit card information when they buy on your site.

**The first 14 days of owning a Shopify store is free. Eventually you will need to select a plan that will be billed after the 14 day of triall.

Lowest Monthly Shopify plan is $29. This is all you will need!


Additional services that we offer (additional cost):

1. Logo, profile photo, cover photo, favicon, icon designs.

2. SEO for your website. We will rank you first for keywords you want with our expert SEO team.

3. Social accounts review and new tips how to reach bigger audience and how to scale.

4. Help with Facebook ads. (If you are having issues in targeting we can help!)

5. Setting up official email for your account. (

6. Small coding changes to optimize your site.


The moment you place your order you will be contacted by our team, so we can talk about how to start creating the perfect Shopify store for YOU!

Fastest way to reach us is using e-mail:

Once you place an order make sure to check your email!


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